Editing Services

Many (or most) manuscripts and projects require several rounds of editing. After I review a portion of your manuscript, I can help you determine which level of editing might be right for you. Cost and speed vary according to the kind of editing and how much work is needed. I always provide a complimentary initial consultation and estimate.

Developmental or Substantive Editing 

A developmental edit focuses on the larger picture. While I may make note of smaller issues, I go through the manuscript and focus on what is working and what isn't. I may prompt for further detail, or advise that a section be expanded or removed. This round is performed on manuscripts that are complete in terms of the author's writing process, but which may still need a fair amount of work. 

Line or Copy Editing

This level of editing is best for manuscripts that are closer to being finished. In a line or copy edit, I edit for style, clarity, spelling, and grammar. In addition, I check facts and strive for consistency. Editing should never rid a piece of its writer's style or voice; I simply work with the writer to refine it. Most manuscripts require at least this level of editing.


Not to be confused with copy editing, which actually changes a manuscript, this is the final touch, essentially a run-through for typographical errors and any final inconsistencies within a completed manuscript. 

Manuscript Critiques

For authors who aren't sure how to focus their  revisions, or for manuscripts that are not yet ready for editing, I can read through and write letters to the authors, providing feedback on large-scale issues such as character development and plot arc. More detailed letters are also available that include smaller-scale, page-by-page comments, along with the large-scale ones. While I generally charge an hourly rate, I provide these services for a flat rate.

If you are interested in finding out more about collaborating with me on your writing, please e-mail me: laura.b.garwood at gmail dot com. I can provide you with an estimate after an initial discussion and a review of your manuscript.